December 19, 2018
Here we present the interview that our Media Partner Ronen Bekerman took with Andrei Dolnikov, founder and CEO and Chris Worsfold, creative director at Binyan.

At some point, the Studio started receiving a high demand of work so Andrei and Chris had to decide whether not to accept new Clients or increase the team. They went for the second option and the Studio had a fast scale-up and the team grew to 20 people.

As Andrei says, it’s always important to do better and understand what can be changed. In some cases some external expertise and knowledge could be helpful. It’s also essential to “challenge and question oneself to move things forward because if things stay the same, it means they’re going backwards”.

Then Chris highlights that if a founder of company works in the process of image creation, doesn’t have time to think to the growth of the company and to all aspects related to the management of a company (like work on strategies, processes, meeting with clients, getting people motivated, building relationships and so on).

From this, Andrei and Chris explain how the company is able to manage 4 offices in Australia and New York: each Studio has a Creative Director and a Studio Manager, who work as if they were running their own shop with a great responsibility.

Finally Andrei says that it’s important to have balance between process, having consistency and autonomy because having people inspired will always be pushing their work.

Look at the video and be inspired by Binyan’s philosophy.

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