November 19, 2019
In this interview taken at ADX, our Media Partner Ronen Bekerman spoke with Andrew Maximov from Promethean AI, a company that builds artificial intelligence with the aim, one day, to put it at disposal of the artists all over the world.

Promethean AI is an engine for learning. It’s like working with another person: you ask it to do something and if it does something wrong, you teach it how to do it correctly. It’s like the software doesn’t know anything but can learn everything from the artists who use it. As Andrew explains, the idea that stands behind Promethean is like the one of Wikipedia: people put their knowledge in there and everybody can then access and use it. 

The tool comes pretrained but it will need people’s contribution to grow. It currently works with Maya and Unreal but there will be a migration available for 3dsMax very soon. Something that will blow your mind for sure.

We’re really looking forward to seeing further development of Promethean and hope that it may be available to all users some day in the near future.

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