November 7, 2019
In this interview taken during the tenth edition of the AcademyDays, our Media Partner Ronen Bekerman met Sebastian Zapata from FriendlyShade.

Sebastian tells us about his previous experience before establishing FriendlyShade and reveals that the passion for his actual work was born thanks to his father who is a graphic designer.

The company, specialized in providing textures and assets to 3d Artists, was founded about 3 years ago in a time when there weren’t many competitors who dealt with 3d scan stuff. It all began when Sebastian decided to learn about scan stuff with a simple camera. Then, realizing it wasn’t enough, he moved on further improving his works.
As said in the interview, FriendlyShade’s work aims at giving priority to high-quality over quantity in line with what artists care the most. 

Enjoy the video.

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