September 1, 2016
We’re glad to introduce the interview with Sebastian Tupper, a SOA student from the Masterclass#10.

We’re glad to introduce the interview with Sebastian Tupper, a SOA student from the Masterclass#10.

Could you present yourself to our readers and tell them the position you currently hold?

My name is Sebastian Tupper and I’m from Santiago, Chile.

A few years ago I had the chance to attend the amazing SoA masterclass. I learned so much and had a great time on the course. It opened up a new world and inspired me to pursue a career here in Europe, where there appeared to be more opportunity than back home. I sent my work to a selection of studios that caught my attention. I was interested in one studio in particular due its unique style and beautiful images: Forbes Massie Ltd. I flew to the UK having spoken with Forbes (founder of FM) and immediately accepted the Digital Artist position he offered. I am now a Senior Digital Artist.

Why have you chosen to become an Arch-Viz Artist?

This seems to be quite a tough question to answer. I’ve always been interested in architecture and design. I also have an artistic sensibility inherited from my mother, who is a painter / sculptor. However, during my time at architecture school I decided that becoming an architect was not the path I wished to continue taking. I had been very impressed by some visuals that the 3D course teacher made and decided to pursue this as my career. That was almost 7 years ago and I couldn’t be happier with my decision; I love what I do and that is the most rewarding part of my work.

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What were the biggest difficulties you faced at the beginning of your career? How did you handle and overcome them?

When I started to make a living out of this, the most difficult part was definitely the lack of a stable market for the industry in Chile. It is very hard to charge a fair price for good quality images. Also, the lack of decent 3D Academies was very restrictive in choosing my training route. It is very important to learn, and keep learning. Having finished my masterclass I began working within a competitive team, and I can confidently say that learning and putting knowledge into practice is the key to success in this industry. I ensure that I put everything I have learned into practice, and that is invaluable.

Is there a work/ an image/ a project that you created which is most valuable to you? Why?

If I had to select one project, it would have to be the visuals for National Library of Israel by Herzog & De Meuron. It was my first opportunity to work with this highly reputable practice. When you develop an image for such an important client, you have an enormous sense of responsibility and you must give it 100%. This effort and the ensuing results give the project a sweeter taste.

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What do you do in your free time after work? Can you balance your working life and your private one?

I like to keep a good balance between my work and personal life, this is very important. I am part of a great community of Chilean guys in London with whom I’ve made fantastic friendships. This is incredibly important when you are living far from home. We play football on Saturday mornings and enjoy our time in the pub! I like to travel too; as soon as I have the chance to get myself on a train or plane somewhere, I do it.

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Thank you Sebastian! Keep up your good works!

All images are under Forbes Massie Ltd copyright.

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