September 30, 2019
And another Masterclass is over: the Masterclass#42. An intense month with a group of guys who worked hard to improve on a complex topic.

The project we chose for this class is House on a Stream by Architecture Bio: a house immersed in a wild nature where a river split in two parts the pattern of shapes. As always, the boys and girls started from the selection of points of view and mood and then moved on to the technical execution.

It’s really amazing how they managed to make the images so natural and photo-realistic and I think this is the Masterclass with the highest number of such images ever made here at the Academy. An even more important result if we consider that many of them had no experience with the software used. 

They were a strong group and it definitely helped because no one was left behind. Also by giving each other support, they got the results we are so proud to show you today.
This is a very important lesson from the Masterclass#42 and everybody would have to remember it: in this world, we are no one if we are alone. The team is essential for achieving important results and I’m not just talking about professional life.

Another thought about this Masterclass is dedicated to Scott who will bring “some Academy” in the space. Yes, because Scott, who is working for Elon Musk’s SpaceX, will develop many of the images, animations and 3D simulations for the next enterprises of the company he works for. And for us here in SoA, this is a great reason to be proud of.

It has been a privilege to be able to work with all of you dear boys and girls and I hope you can soon reap the benefits of so many efforts made here during the past month.
Hugs to all!


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