February 13, 2017
We’ve reached the end of our first 2017 Masterclass, the Masterclass#26. Let’s browse the gallery with our guys’ images.

We worked with a group of extraordinary guys and gals. Together we put our efforts on the development and production of a great project called “Concrete Cut House” (https://pitsou.com/selected-projects/concrete-cut/). When the students started the project they had a limited and basic know-how on the workflow but with our guide, they gave a new rendition to the project and achieved the amazing results that you can browse in the gallery.

We’re looking at their images with satisfaction and realizing that the outcomes represent and even go beyond what we have taught them during the course. We can only be proud of it. Hard work and determination led them where they are. Also, the strength to be a close-knit group made the many hours in class pleasant to everybody.

To them we wish the best for a brilliant future and we’re sure that some day we’ll hear about them making something interesting to make our industry even brighter. It was a pleasure guys and gals. We’ll miss you.

A hug

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