“Every person who passes through our lives is unique. Always he leaves a little bit of himself and takes a little bit of us with him. There will be those who have taken much away, but there will never be those who have left nothing behind.” – Jorge Luis Borges.

Last Friday ended our Masterclass#51. All of our students left a lot of themselves because they are a mix of cultures, personalities and passion that allowed us to learn so much. In such a delicate moment, the difficulties were a lot. But the will to learn and improve won over everything.

During this Masterclass, the students have to confront the project of the architects of the Chevalier Morales Architectes studio.
The project under consideration located in Canada is called “Residence de l’Isle” and is a house for a couple with two children.
The structure is a reinterpretation of modern mid-20th century American homes, hidden behind a row of tall, mature pines and on the bank of a river, blended seamlessly with its surrounding environment in the Montreal suburbs.
The egregious work of the architects is captured by Adrien Williams, who was able to find perfect and interesting viewpoints for the viewers. These photographs were the starting point for the design of our students.
From the photographer’s point of view, thanks to a careful and professional eye, they succeeded in obtaining a highly photorealistic 3D result. The obtained images are interesting, never expected, and with unique points of view and skills, thanks to the personal and cultural backgrounds of the different students also.

At the end of this experience, we will remember every laugh, story told, and moment spent together. From this Masterclass#51 is born another little family: a family that will always be ready to welcome you back in Italy.

Good luck, Masterclass#51.

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See you at SoA Academy!

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