June 26, 2020
Here at SOA, we are always looking at new technologies that can help the workflow reach better results, by pushing the limits of what we already know.

In this sneak peek we’ll show you one of the technologies we are looking into: the ACES (Academy Color Encoding System). It has been around a while now, the initial development started in 2004, with the first release in 2010.

Rendering in ACES is not necessarily difficult, but switching the entire workflow to ACES has to be done properly to avoid creating even more problems. Eventually, once the workflow is consolidated, we’ll introduce this knowledge to all the courses here at SOA. But first we want to make sure that everything is clear, understandable, and consistent throughout the workflow.

Below you can see a comparison between a classic sRGB rendering and an ACEScg rendering.

ACEScg render
sRGB render

ACES is more than just a final look on your image, but we’ll show you more in the upcoming weeks, keep an eye on the SOA website not to miss it.

The images are rendered with the new V-Ray 5 GPU.
The inspiration for the image is from the House of Grey by Louise Grey.

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