At SOA Academy we’ve always been keen to give space to R&D as an important way to be up to date with the latest features released with the software. This approach granted SOA Academy recognition as Unreal Engine Authorized Training Center by Epic Games,  and gave birth to SOA Unreal Engine Course. Now it’s time to take a step further and share this knowledge with all Artists in our industry.

So SOA Unreal Engine Course is now available in the online edition to reach all people around the world. The course is made up of both pre-recorded videos and live webinars. The former will give you an overview of the main features of Unreal whereas the latter will look into details specific topics like unwrap, lighting, materials and blueprints. 

At the end of the course, you’ll have learned the best workflow to be used in your personal and commercial projects and you can start packing your project for a VR experience. Also, even when the course is over, you can get assistance from our Instructors who will be available to answer any question you may have and further guide you through your creative process.

Check out our calendar with upcoming scheduled courses, go to the course’s page, select the dates for the webinars and make your purchase. You’ll get instant access to the pre-recorded videos and can already start learning with SOA Instructors.

Be part of SOA Academy’s growing community, share your artworks and projects, get feedback and improve the quality of your works.

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