May 24, 2013
Give more value to your skills on V-Ray

Give more value to your skills on V-Ray with the exam

Would you like to give more values to your V-Ray knowledge? Take the exam to become a new V-ray Certified Professional. Academy is one of the three V-Ray Certification Center in the world where you can take the exam on V-Ray for Autodesk 3dsmax, V-Ray for Rhino e V-Ray for Autodesk Maya.

Being a V-Ray Certified Professional gives you the chance to be recognised as specialists on the Chaosgroup renderer and it allows you to use the official V-Ray logo for your marketing communications. Then your name will be included in a list on the official Chaos Group website where there’re the names of all the VCP in the world. A great value for your professional career and your CV.

The exam is made up by 120 questions with multiple choices and it must be completed in 2 hours. To pass the exam the candidate must reply at least to the 70% of the questionnaire. If you’d like to know when Academy will organise the next exam session, go into the calendar section of this website and book it right now. Places are limited. The exam can be taken just joining to Academy. No online session! The cost of the exam is 200 euro + VAT

Join in the exclusive Club of the V-Ray Certified Professionals with Academy!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us

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