July 11, 2016
Have a look at the WOTW by Rostislav Nicolaev: Backwoods cabin in the Canadian woods.

Great image called “Backwoods cabin in the Canadian woods” from our ex-student by Rostislav Nicolaev.

Visualization for “DublDom” which decided to get involved in an interesting project. It was necessary to make visualization-huts at home to participate in the international competition under the auspices of Community Forests International (the official website of the contest). The essence of the contest, at first glance, is simple: in the Canadian woods designed campus. It includes a variety of buildings, including eco-huts. This is a very compact timber houses without facilities, which are, in fact, a roof over your head, a place to camp, rest, reflection alone with nature for students and other pedestrians. Visualization is such a forest lodge, we had to do. And the house project at the customer at the time was not yet. This economical cabin area of 14 squares architect Ivan Ovchinnikov developed specifically for the contest.

Software used: 3DS Max, CoronaRenderer 1.3, Adobe Photoshop.

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