December 14, 2020
A stunning project made with Unreal Engine by Volodymyr Demtsiu, our former student in the Unreal Engine Masterclass.

The purpose of creating this project was to integrate new software into the working pipeline.

For maximum project optimization you need to do everything manually (unwrap, prepare all assets) because “This is the way”.

I wanted to try a new RizomUV software. And I really like and recommend it!
This interior is lit by one sky light with HDRI map, with all standard settings except for cubemap resolution. And lighting is baked with GPU Lightmass.
This video was rendered on laptop with i7 CPU and 2080 maxQ GPU.

Only 10% of this video was rendered with ray tracing, mainly shots with the glass vase. Everything else looks great with simple screen space reflections and raster translucency.

Game runs great on my laptop (120fps +).

Please feel free to download and try my scene:

Demo Controls:
WASD + Mouse – Move
Menu: Esc or Q
Mini map: M
Change lightning scenario: N

WOTW#104: Bright lines apartment by Volodymyr Demtsiu
Personal work
3dsMax, Adobe Photoshop, Unreal Engine, Adobe Premiere, RizomUV.

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