June 26, 2017
A set of images called “House Barcia Puyol” from our ex-student Sebastián Granda.

A set of images called “House Barcia Puyol” from our ex-student Sebastián Granda.

This Project was very fun from the conception until the construction; it has awesome green sustainable features and some recycled materials as well. It was designed to integrate an existing tree to the house. The big windows bring the great views to the inside as the adobe (earth) walls retain the suns heat for the nighttime.

The 3D project was very fun too: since it wasn’t a commissioned request I had all the freedom to try different moods and postproduction approaches.

Software used: AutoCAD (plans and 3D modeling), 3DS Max, Forest Pack, Floor Generator (with MultiTextures), V-Ray and Adobe Photoshop.

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