April 8, 2019
A huge project called “San Damian” from our ex-student Max Daiber
San Damian by Max Daiber
WOTW#70: San Damian by Max Daiber

The San Damian project was a big commissioned project we ended around midyear 2018. It was one of the biggest projects we have had till that date mainly because it was aimed at producing 360° tours of three 500 sq. meter apartments. We produced around 40 high resolution 360° images.

360° images are always a big challenge as everything in the space has to be modeled and the virtual tours demanded that any changes had to be replicated on any adjacent space. After developing everything for the 360° images, obtaining normal 2D images was very simple and it was more of a point-and-shoot kind of thing.

We used V-Ray for every image. We have worked with other engines but at that time (and still) we thought it was the most reliable and robust rendering software out there. We also used Cryptomatte to avoid creating infinite multimatte objects which is something no other software has.

In general, this project helped us become better artists in a technical and artistic part but also forced us to be really organized and to build our own protocols which is one the most important aspects of our work.

Client: utopias.cl

Collaborators: Monica Jarpa, Diego Rossel and Victor Arnault

3dsMax, V-Ray.

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