May 22, 2020
In the past months the world faced one of the biggest and most silent enemies since a long time: the Coronavirus.

It arrived all of a sudden caught us unprepared and completely changed our lives.

When the virus first hit Italy, SOA Academy was regularly offering their courses with students from all over the world gathered to live their unique experience. The fast spread and evolution of the disease forced us to finish the courses ahead of time to let our students reach their homes in safe.

The Italian government imposed a forced lockdown for the whole country and SOA Academy had to close their doors. Slowly, most all of the countries in the world followed the Italian example and applied the same restrictions. Despite this, we continued working from home with the goal to use such time to improve the quality of our courses and keep ready for a restart. It’s been a difficult time in which we had to face this silent enemy hitting us, our families and our dearest friends.

Now, after two months, there’s finally a ray of light driving us out of the tunnel. Thanks to a decrease in the number of people infected, Italy can now see the positive response to the measures taken and collect the good results gradually moving towards a new life. SOA Academy reopened their doors again with all safety precautions in place.

Now it’s time to set new priorities: first of all, the safety of our students with a sanitization of the environments and arrangements to maintain a safety distance during the live courses.
Another aspect to reconsider was the schedule for the courses keeping in consideration the limitations for travels. At the beginning of June, Italy is opening their frontiers and travelling will be allowed again without any quarantine period on arrivals. Therefore, we decided to move the shortest courses from June to July to let people reorganize themselves and plan their trip accordingly.

We’ve also updated all dates for the courses in the second half of 2020. You can find the full calendar on our website.

The emergency isn’t over but everyone here is ready and motivated to do their best to have a fast restart and we’re so much looking forward to seeing your smiling faces again.

The virus can’t and won’t beat us!

Do you have any questions? Get in touch and they’ll be answered!

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