July 7, 2017
We’re glad to introduce the interview with Prabhudas Bhagwat, a SOA student from the Masterclass#25.

We’re glad to introduce the interview with Prabhudas Bhagwat, a SOA student from the Masterclass#25.

Could you present yourself to our readers and tell them the position you currently hold?

Hi, I am Prabhudas Kedarnath Bhagwat. First of all, I want to thank State of Art Academy for giving me this opportunity. I am a Freelancer, 3d Archviz Artist from Pune, India. I have been running my own Archviz Company for almost 2 years now. We are working on 3d Exterior & Interior Visualizations, Virtual Reality Renders, etc. Currently, I am working with different architects and interior designers from Pune as well as other cities.

Why have you chosen to become an Arch-Viz Artist?

To be honest, I had never planned this particular field, when I stepped into 3d animation. I finished my diploma in 3d animation and visual effects with visual effects as my specialization. But while surfing on the internet, I came across websites like cgarchitect, evermotion, etc. which really impressed me with Archviz images from some of the best artists around the globe. So I started exploring this field in detail in my free time.

I immediately got a place in one of the well-known interior designing firm in Pune. In 18 months of my job I learnt many interior designing related details. This job really helped me to improve my work quality, to understand different material details and also different furniture details.  Later on I started working on some freelance projects as well. So to balance my career I left my job and started working as a freelancer. Then, I came at a turning point when I got to know about State of Art Academy. Without wasting any time I registered myself for the Archviz Masterclass: I attended the Masterclass #25 in October 2016. This really helped me to boost my work quality, and also taught me the proper Archviz industry workflow. I really want to thank all the SOA staff for the efforts they put in training students and sharing each and every secret regarding the ArchViz field.

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What were the biggest difficulties you faced at the beginning of your career? How did you handle and overcome them?

After I left my job I started working as a freelancer.  I created my Portfolio and started approaching architects and interior designers for some freelance work. This was the toughest time in my career. I really want to thank the architects and interior designers who showed faith in me in my starting days and gave me freelance work which really helped me to build a better portfolio. Another difficulty was to meet the client’s deadline. Here in India Archviz artists really need to work on very tight deadlines. People expect very fast work so sometimes on an average I need to finish 2-3 projects in 1 week, which sometimes is very hectic.

Is there a work/ an image/ a project that you created which is most valuable to you? Why?

Oh, that’s a difficult question! I worked on some interesting projects in the past 2 years. But if I have to pick one out of them then I will surely go for my work called “The Café” which is really close to me.  It’s in the Work of The Week section on SOA website. (WOTW#31) and also featured on Vray World. The concept was to create a Café with really rustic but ‘easy going’ ambience. So very subtle colors are used with very fresh morning daylight and elegant furniture. This 3-image project was done in Corona. Many custom-made maps were used to texture this scene.

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What do you do in your free time after work? Can you balance your working life and your private one?

It was quite hard in the past to balance my everyday life between work and free time. I spend most of my time in 3d Archviz, working on Freelance projects. Whenever I get free time I spend it with my family and friends. I like photography a lot. I go out clicking some pictures and expressing my creativity. I like reading, watching movies and travelling. Most of these things are just on paper these days because of projects. I hardly get free time.

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Thanks Prabhudas, we wish you a successful career ahead!

All images are under Prabhudas Bhagwat copyright.

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