May 27, 2019
Our ex student Walter Pegolo presents his tests on “In the woods” project.
In the woods by Walter Pegolo
WOTW#76: In the woods by Walter Pegolo

Hi all,
This is a semi-personal work, basically born to test an integrated workflow of the major players of ArchViz software.
In a typical situation of Swedish-like house in a Nordic wood-mood I enjoyed myself using:
– 3dsMax
– Corona Renderer + Corona Scatter
– Substance Designer
– Quixel Megascans + Bridge + Mixer
– PG hdri
– Photoshop

Substance gives a real boost for some materials and texture especially (but not only) normal maps and other genius atomic nodes. The only little trouble is for repetitions, but we already have the solution if I’m not wrong. [Editor’s note: sure, check here]

Quixel Suite is really useable and the scanned staff made the difference when used.

Corona Renderer and PG hdri don’t need my poor opinion because they changed my life years ago.

All the best

Personal work
3dsMax, Corona Renderer, Adobe Photoshop, Substance Designer, Megascans.

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